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Our approach to beauty is simple: bring timely, savvy beauty content to a diverse audience - from the glamazon to the neophyte. Inspiration is expert and aspirational, achieved and enjoyed by the every-girl.
Inspired by global runway trends and street style, our fashion creators are passionate about delivering originality to their audiences through hauls, tutorials and look books that embrace their unique voices and perspectives.
Rooted in the belief that living a healthy lifestyle promotes self-esteem and confidence, our lifestyle, fitness and wellness content motivates viewers to live their best lives with instructional videos, tutorials and healthy how-tos that make living well, easy.
Our mom content is multi-dimensional, honest and full of invaluable hacks for finding balance. Because being a mama is about more than just parenting, our creators share how they take care of themselves and how that makes for a better family.
Hauk is the destination for bold, stylish, adventure seeking guys living life to its fullest. Driven by personality and passion, Hauk creators are dedicated to sharing their lives with candor and humor, and encourage their viewers to explore and celebrate their unique interests.

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A 6-part docuseries chronicling the personal and professional life of recording artist Pia Mia as she becomes the first-ever fashion director of Madonna's Material Girl clothing line. Available exclusively on
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The destination for bold, stylish, adventure-seeking guys living life to its fullest.
Comprised of over 170 channels, including KSI; Ali-A; DanTDM; Joey Graceffa; Caspar Lee; Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler; Adam Saleh; BluMaan; and Jair Woo, the Hauk community drives over 1.2 billion monthly views. Join us for the ride, won't you?

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